Wireframes, mockups and prototypes aren’t the same thing. If you’re working on a digital product build, it helps to understand the differences.

In this article on Medium, Vincent Xia explains that the terms ‘wireframe’, ‘mockup’ and ‘prototype’, though often talked about interchangeably, but they actually denote different stages of the design flow. If you’re involved in a digital project, you may hear some of these terms mentioned by your designers or developers. 

Digital products go through various stages of design. They may start out as a series of sketches, then be produced into basic digital wireframes, before progressing to mockups that incorporate more design features. Finally, prototypes can be developed, which are very close to the finished product.

Vincent also goes one step further, and suggests some of the best prototyping tools that developers can use.

This piece is well worth a read if you’re involved in a digital product build.

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