Are you confused by the term ‘design thinking’? In this article, our friends at Avion Communications unpack this concept and how it applies to content.

Design thinking sounds like a buzzword, but it’s applications in the real world are far and reaching. Essentially, design thinking is a human-centric method for solving complex problems. What this means for your business, is that you don’t see your content as a static thing, but rather as a work in progress.

Using a design thinking approach to content involves a few key steps. To start, get inside the mind of your reader: what are their pain points and what problem are they trying to solve. Next, redefine the problem and based on what you know about your reader. Then the fun part – ideate, start brainstorming.

Once you’ve got a suite of ideas, it’s time to prototype, to create mock-ups to share with your team. Lastly, send your idea out into the world but keep an eye on how its performing so you can tweak it if need be. We think that a human-centred approach to content is a useful way of making sure you’re giving your audience relevant and appropriate information.

It’s one way you can start to solve your own business problems – such as boosting traffic to your site – without becoming too ‘salesy’ in the process.


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