Luminary posted a great piece on why user experience (UX) is a necessary part of all digital projects, not just a ‘nice to have’. They’ve also offered some useful tips on how to keep it cost-effective.

In this article, Adam Griffith of Luminary outlines why UX is an important consideration for all digital projects. As he explains, UX helps ensure that your users’ needs are actually validated, and that you’re not just relying on ‘gut feel’. 

Adam also outlines what UX involves, why it’s essential to approach from the beginning of a project, and how you can keep costs down while still obtaining valuable user insights.

At Tadashi, we encourage clients to consider user needs at every stage of a project. UX is not something you can just bolt on at the end of a project if you have budget remaining; it’s something to fold into the design process from the beginning.

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