At Tadashi, we’re incredibly passionate about accessibility on the web. Unfortunately, this article by Mischa Andrews about how web accessibility is a ‘mess’ rings too true.

Mischa paints a disappointing picture of how people with disabilities are being neglected in the design process of new digital products. 

While technologies and appropriate design choices are there to assist us in building an inclusive online world, they’re not being enforced enough. Despite accessibility being governed by laws in many countries, it’s not monitored well enough – or in some cases, not at all. And in many cases, accessibility is simply not a part of the education process for new developers and designers.

We believe that accessibility needs to be considered at every level of a digital product build. Our approach is to guide clients towards accessibility best practices, and preferably towards developing a comprehensive accessibility strategy.

But not everyone cares about creating an accessible web. Mischa outlines some excellent points about why we’re in this ‘mess’ and what we can do to get out of it.

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