Fancy learning more about health and medicine without diving deep into a textbook? Go on a journey of storytelling and innovation with TEDMED.

Looking to learn more about health and medicine? Look no further than TEDMED, an off-shoot of the incredibly successful TED conference. Browse a treasure trove of talks for inspiration, new knowledge or entertainment. Dedicated to ‘ideas worth spreading’, TEDMED is an annual event that curates interesting and surprising speakers together – from both in and outside the industry – to explore uncommon links and innovative pathways towards bettering health and medicine.

The archive of talks goes back as far as 2009 and touches on such vast topics as the male contraceptive pill, drug pricing, stress and drones. The 2018 theme is ‘Chaos + Clarity’ and was recently held in Palm Springs, California. We’re fascinated by their theory that, “the more chaos we embrace, the more clarity we can discover”.


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