The powerful and flexible web development platform used by Design Otaku as the 'building blocks' of all of our web projects.

A Content Management System (CMS) is the perfect solution to virtually every website need and our CMS of choice is Drupal.

“Drupal is an open-source content management platform that powers millions of websites and applications” –

Being open-source, Drupal is supported by a global community of enthusiastic and talented developers who are constantly expanding and enhancing Drupal's capabilities as a web platform. Otaku's geeks are active in the Drupal community, drawing on and contributing to the wealth of knowledge. We also write custom modules (that's Drupal speak for 'components') to extend and customise the CMS for any project.

And what exactly is a CMS anyway? Well, modern websites and web applications need to be dynamic, meaning they need to be able to have content added or changed regularly.

Actually, content can come in a wide variety of forms: images, videos, items in a shopping cart, customer details, user profiles… in fact, anything that you need to add or update on your site, is content. There are many reasons for using a CMS, but perhaps the best reason is that it allows the client (that's you) to easily update content without having to understand the underlying technology that created it. And we believe Drupal is the best CMS available.

Using Drupal as a base offers no limit to the complexity of the outcome – custom database design, responsive user interfaces, complex online stores and mobile sites are commonplace.

To find our out more about Drupal, visit Make contact with Otaku here to speak us about using Drupal for your next web project.

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