It all starts here - careful planning and a well designed web strategy should be the first step in building your online presence.

What do you want to achieve online? Who are your audiences and where do they go online? Do you need a content strategy? What will make your online presence a success? How will you measure it? How should your online presence be managed? Who should do what? How much will it cost and how long will it take? Do you have a well-defined strategy for social media?

Our web strategist, who is knowledgeable in online trends, business, design, user experience and technology principles can help answer those questions and more. Through evaluation of your current web presence using detailed analysis and brainstorming, we can develop a well-balanced web strategy that is right for your business.

Key areas to be considered while planning your web strategy should include Content – creating fantastic web content both for your own site, and throughout your greater web presence, Usability and Design – a standards compliant user interface (UI) taking into consideration the user experience (UX), SEO and Social Media – to ensure your content and brand reach your target audience and possibly even paid advertising such as a PPC campaign – depending on your business needs, PPC could play a fairly major role.

So, the reality is that your web presence needs strategic planning and management – and we have the expertise to help.

Make contact with Otaku here if you would like to discuss your online strategy - it's our favourite thing to do!

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