Websites have traditionally been seen as the ideal ‘source of truth’ for brands and marketers, but in this great article, we learnt that more and more people are now getting their information direct from social media.

Jo MacDermott of Next Marketing suggests that websites may not be the number one place to put your content anymore. In fact, Pew Research Center in the US released findings that indicate 62% of US audiences now get their news direct from social media instead of dedicated news sites.

This tells us that today’s audiences are less willing to click through to websites, and prefer to receive information natively on social media. If you’ve got important news to share or stories to tell, social media may be a new ‘source of truth’ for this information – not your website.

MacDermott also offers some great tips on how to optimise your content for social media. It’s not only about creating high quality, compelling content, but also actively engaging with your followers and potential influencers in the industry.

At Tadashi, we know that social media has a lot to offer organisations in the health space. We encourage our clients to develop structured, high quality strategies to make the most of these platforms.


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