Our friends over at Luminary have created a digital roadmap to help you plan out your next strategy – and it’s free to download!

A good digital strategy sets the course for where you’d like to be when it comes to digital, and a roadmap is the action plan that’s going to get you there. Liam Thomas defines it as: “a high-level blueprint that allows you to align digital initiatives with business objectives over the short, medium and longer-medium term”.

What we love about Liam’s perspective is that he doesn’t use the phrase ‘long term’ when it comes to digital strategy. He focuses on a one- to three-year plan with most of the deliverables happening in year one. There should also be time dedicated to reviewing your roadmap as you go, because inevitably things shift and change over time, so you want to make sure your strategy continues to be appropriate to your business goals.

What should you include in your roadmap? The team at Luminary typically start with a diagrammatic representation, followed by an overview, summary and a detailed description of all initiatives. We know this might sound daunting, but download their sample digital roadmap to get some inspiration.


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