‘Health’ isn’t just the absence of disease, it’s about promoting the entire wellbeing of a person. And artificial intelligence may hold some of the solutions we need to achieve this.

In this article, CeBIT Australia explores the work of Professor Christian Guttmann from the School of Science and Engineering at UNSW into the use of AI in healthcare.

Guttmann makes an interesting point around how clinicians should define health – not as the ‘absence of disease’, but as ‘the entire wellbeing of the person’. While medical practitioners will always be needed in Australia to treat illness, he suggests that AI can assist with prevention and ongoing patient care.

In practice, this looks like using data to predict heart attack or stroke risk, and developing networks that connect patients newly diagnosed with diabetes, to provide management support. This doesn’t mean AI that performs practical medical procedures, but that solves problems surrounding healthcare.

We’re all for technology that improves health outcomes!


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