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At Otaku, you’ll find more than just a lightbulb moment.

We proudly provide consulting, creative and technical expertise to engineer intuitive products that help your business shine. We work with you and guide you, offering insight and reassurance throughout the entire digital development process.

Leaders in digital consulting.

Our clients look to us for leadership. Taking ideas and bringing them to life is our forte. We know what questions to ask, when to ask them and who to ask to achieve outcomes that go above and beyond expectations. From digital strategy and planning, through to business systems and product development, we make sure we get things right – and understand your needs inside out.

Digital expertise that delivers results.

We carefully devise, craft and execute marketing, strategy, implementation and support. We even offer face-to-face training. Our specialist skills in project management and proven methodologies ensure outstanding results. If there’s anything we can’t do, we draw on, and are accountable for, the exceptional capabilities of our trusted partners to deliver whatever it is you need.

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Consulting Consulting

_Our Expertise


Otaku designs work, beautifully.

By blending an operational knowledge of both digital design and engineering, our offerings look great and function seamlessly. Our thorough understanding of how technical elements support what’s on screen produces a distinct style that’s hard to replicate.

Communication through creativity.

Our team takes the time know and understand your brand’s essence. By doing this, we get to the heart of who you are and what you want to say. The end result is a digital product that communicates in an imaginative, stylish, professional way – that gives your brand a voice worth paying attention to.

Stunning digital products that cover all bases.

We harness your brand’s strengths with our unique approach to interface design, graphic design and web video production, as well as copywriting and content management. Our skills also span social media and digital marketing to ensure your brand reaches out and resonates with the right audience.

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Creative Creative

_Our Expertise


Our foundations are built on technical expertise.

Specialists in digital, we are adept at problem solving and have the knowledge to work around technical issues with ease. Access to our extensive web experience gives you the opportunity to present your brand online in memorable ways. Combined with business skills, we unleash your potential and add value to your bottom line.

Digital know-how that translates across multiple channels.

Our passion for technical fluency means we share the most exciting digital developments with you. Our proficiency in the digital space allows us to offer technical services from desktop and responsive website creation through to Drupal CMS development – as well as mobile, tablet and enterprise web applications.

Functional designs backed by innovative ability.

With a collective background in engineering, design and computer science, we produce impressive designs that work flawlessly. And once we’ve developed your product, our team provides maintenance and technical support whenever you need. We also offer managed hosting, for peace of mind, and analytics to provide you with detailed information on how your results are tracking.

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Technical Technical

_Who we are

Chris Burke

Founder, Director and Principal Consultant

Sole director and principal consultant at Otaku, Chris has a background in engineering, design and business. Chris is at the head of a group of highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced digital thinkers and doers.
Having founded Otaku more than 8 years ago, Chris’ leadership of digital product development has been key in delivering innovative, effective solutions for our clients - Chris has worked with organisations across Australia of all shapes and sizes, literally, from startups through to Government departments, market leading brands to non-profits.

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Who We are

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